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A1- Soft Spring Rolls / Goi Cuon   

(Pork, shrimp, lettuce, vermicelli noodles, basil)

$3.95/2 Rolls

A2- Fried Egg Rolls / Cha Gio 

(Ground pork, carrots, taro, vermicelli noodles, deep fried)

$3.95/3 Rolls

A3- Soft Summer Rolls / Bo Bia   

(Lettuce, eggs, Asian sausage, basil)

$3.95/2 Rolls

A4- BBQ Buns (Pork/Chicken) / Banh Bao Kep

(Steamed buns with BBQ pork or chicken, pickled carrots, cilantro)

$3.95/2 Buns

A5- Fried Fish Balls / Ca Vien Chien

(Fried fish balls with Siracha and Yum Yum sauce)

$3.79/6 Pieces

A6- Fried Chicken Wings / Canh Ga Chien

(Crispy fried bone-in chicken wings serve with sweet and sour sauce)

$4.95/5 Pieces

A7- Sizzling Cake / Banh Xeo   

(Fried pancake with pork, shrimp, green onion, and bean sprout)


A8- Fried Dumpling / Hoanh Thanh Chien

(Pork and vegetable)

$4.25/4 Pieces

A9- Crispy Tofu / Dau Hu Chien   

(Crispy fried tofu serves with soy sauce)

$3.95/6 Pieces

A10- French Fries / Garlic Fries   

(Optional with garlic toping, serve with ketchup)


A11- Full House / Khai Vi Thap Cam   

(French fries, Fish ball, Crab Rangoon, and Dumpling)


A12- Crab Ragoon/ Buom Buom Chien   

(Cream cheese, imitation crab meat, onion)

$3.79/4 Pieces

A13- Veg Fried Egg Roll/ Cha Gio Chay    

(Tofu, potato, carrot, vermicelli noodles, deep fried)

$3.95/3 Rolls

A14- Deep-fried Crispy Shrimp / Tom Chien Gion 

$4.95/4 Shrimps

(Deep-fried shell-on shrimps served with sweet and sour sauce)

A15- Steamed Shrimp Dumpling/ Ha Cao Hap

$3.95/4 Pieces

(Steamed shrimp dumpling served with soy sauce)