Add  Steak


Add  Meatballs


Add  Shrimp


Add  Tendon


Add  Brisket


Add  Tripe


Add  Pork/Chicken


Extra  noodle


Subs.  Egg  Noodle


Pho Option:

P1- Just Pho / Pho Tai hoac Bo Vien

(Sliced steaks or Meatballs)

$7.25 / $8.79

P2- Pholicious / Pho Tai Nam

(Sliced steaks and beef brisket)

$8.95 / $10.50

P3- Pho Up / Pho Tai Bo Vien

(Sliced steaks and meatballs)

$8.50 / $9.95

P4- Wat Da Pho / Pho Dac Biet

(Sliced steaks, meatballs, beef tendon, beef brisket, and beef tripe)

$10.25 / $11.79

P5- Chicken Pho / Pho Ga

(Shredded chicken pho in chicken broth)

$7.25 / $8.79

P6- Shrimp Pho / Pho Tom

(Shrimp pho in beef broth)

$9.25 / $10.95

P7- Seafood Pho / Pho Do Bien

 (Mussel, imitation crab, shrimp, squid, fish ball, in chicken broth)


P8- Seafood Hot Pot / Lau Hai San Nho

(Served with clear noodle, mussel, imitation crab, shrimp, squid, fishballs, cabbage, mushroom, in chicken broth)


P9- Spicy Vermicelli Meatball / Bun Bo Vien

(Vermicelli noodle, meatballs, in sate chicken broth)

$7.25 / $8.79

P10- Spicy Vermicelli Chicken / Bun Ga

(Vermicelli noodle, shredded chicken, in sate chicken broth)

$7.25 / $8.79

P11- Mungbean Chicken

(‘Mungbean’ clear-noodle and chicken in chicken broth)


Some Items come in two sizes. Indicate by difference of prices, (small/ regular)

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Our wide range of dishes are made to fit the best taste of both American food eater and Vietnamese Cuisine. We are proud to make and serve the best quality of Vietnamese dishes and many of the Asian cuisine to all who are willing to taste it.  With the freshest ingredients and our homemade soup recipe, we hope to share part of our culture to the wonderful mix of our local community.

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